Langage Solar Farm

ACEDA were commissioned by developers, Carlton Power to design and deliver a turnkey IP Physical Security solution to remotely monitor the £15m solar farm site in Plymouth.


The Langage solar farm consists of more than 21,000 solar panels and was built on a 12 hectares (30 acres) site next to the Langage Energy Centre, a 910MW gas-fired power station also developed by Carlton Power and one of the most efficient power stations in the world. Langage Solar Farm was constructed over a three month period by Gehrlicher Solar UK Limited. The solar farm is expected to meet the electricity needs of approximately 1,000 homes in the local area.


IP Access Control
Energy Efficiency Integration
Core Infrastructure Services
Electrical Services
Support & Maintenance


ACEDA worked closely with Carlton Power during the design stage to design and develop a bespoke, site wide, integrated security system that monitored critical assets 24/7. The £15m solar farm is monitored by a number of CCTV cameras that are strategically positioned around the site to limit any shadows cast over the extensive rows of solar panels. ACEDA designed a site wide fibre optic network to enable IP connectivity.

Remote monitoring stations are notified when the fence line detection system detects changes in kinetic energy around the 3.5km perimeter fence structure. The IP cameras are integrated with the fence line detection system to focus on specific points in the fence perimeter where the intrusion has occurred.

All event triggers are linked using IP connectivity to monitoring stations that react to any breaches in the sites security. As a turnkey solutions provider, ACEDA support and maintain the security solution to minimise any system downtime and extend the lifecycle of the equipment.


“ACEDA have done a great job, not only giving us a system that meets the needs of the solar farm, but also included additional features and benefits such as landscaping to make the impact of the cameras as discreet and subtle as possible. The cameras really do give us fantastic images. The PTZ facility not only reduces the number of cameras required, but also allows for an almost instantaneous view of the area that has been triggered on the fence. Our monitoring station can then check the situation before making an informed decision about what action needs to be taken. Overall we are very pleased with the outcome of the project and the performance of all organisations involved from design to delivery.”

Alistair Wright, Carlton Power Ltd