Pre Paid

ACEDA offer a unique ‘pay as you go’ support service, which gives Clients complete control of annual support budgets and support expenditure. Our Prepaid Engineering Bundle is the ideal option if you require additional Engineering support or have a limited support and maintenance budget.

Current Client’s use ACEDA Prepaid Engineering support for a number of applications including, consultancy services, system upgrades, engineering support, firmware upgrades, health checks and training.

Prepaid engineering hours give Clients the control and flexibility of applying the expertise and knowledge of our certified Systems Engineers on specific support and maintenance tasks without committing to an annual support contract.

The Prepaid Engineering Bundles are available in an initial 15 hour block and then 10 hour top up blocks thereafter, hours can be booked in upon request against onsite or remote Engineering support.

Benefits of Prepaid Engineering Bundles include:

  • Increased flexibility
  • No annual commitment
  • Short term budget control
  • Single point of contact to register support requests
  • Cost effective

For more information about our Prepaid Support Services, please contact us on 03300 554 218 or complete our online enquiry form.