Building Management

IP Integration can significantly improve business efficiency, performance and functionality for organisations within the Commercial sector by increasing automation and streamlining processes. An ACEDA IP Building Management System utilises the core network infrastructure to integrate a number of edge devices and IP Technologies to form part of a turnkey management solution.

Centralising IP Technologies and edge devices through a single management platform allows clients to streamline processes and improve carbon efficiency ratings. ACEDA IP Building Management Systems integrate a number of business operational functions including process control, heating, lighting, access control, applications and plant.

ACEDA work closely with Clients to identify and map event triggers at key stages of a process to design and implement a seamless integrated solution.

Key IP Building Management Services include:

  • IP Lighting – IP Lighting solutions use the latest LED Lighting technology with IP Lighting Controllers to increase the efficiency across assets, plants, production lines and operational facilities. Recent studies have shown LED Lighting is more cost effective and carbon efficient than traditional lighting systems, ACEDA can increase LED Lighting efficiency further by using IP Lighting Controllers that automate lighting systems. Key services include: design, consultancy, installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Integrated IP Management – Intelligent management systems and IP integration allows clients to seamlessly automate everyday business functions including, access control, heating systems and lighting. Using the latest management software, ACEDA develop bespoke solutions that are designed to improve health & safety, reduce carbon emissions and generate an improved ROI. Key services include: system design, specification, installation, commissioning and on-going support & maintenance.
  • Carbon Efficiency – reducing carbon emissions is an important initiative for many organisations within the Commercial sector. Key services include: energy surveys, project management, installation, commissioning and on-going inspections

IP Building Management Systems streamline business operations and increase automation. ACEDA work closely with Clients to design and deliver safe, reliable and cost effective IP Building Management Systems to enhance day-to-day business functions within the Commercial sector.

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