IPTV Solutions

IPTV is an innovative technology that utilises an IP network to broadcast TV and Video content to TV’s, PC’s and AV displays instead of being distributed through coaxial formats. With our innovative IPTV solutions, TV and Video content is broadcast to visual displays using LAN bandwidth. IPTV is a highly cost effective solution as it makes use of existing IP networks and can be broadcast through existing TV’s, PC’s and AV displays.

“Recent evidence suggests that an IPTV implementation is up to 78% more cost effective than traditional coaxial TV distribution.”

ACEDA have partnered with leading manufacturer, Exterity, who specialise in the creation of products that deliver broadcast quality over an IP network. “Working with ACEDA is fantastic. Such a strong and reliable partner for delivering Exterity IPTV solutions, with a breadth of knowledge across so many different industries.” Steven Forrest, Channel Marketing Manager.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Exterity IPTV use existing IP networks and displays to broadcast quality TV & Video
  • New users can be added to the solution for free without compromising broadcast quality
  • Allows increased control and access rights by channel, business unit, groups of users
  • The system can be centrally managed by the IT department, saving costs on AV experts
  • Unlimited number of users and channels
  • The solution is both flexible and scalable

How can our IPTV Solutions help your business?

Manufacturing – monitor live workflow statistics for increased efficiency, broadcast live IP CCTV coverage to key personnel, display safety or corporate announcements across all visual display units, provide entertainment in staff rooms

Retail – broadcast and control advertisements through visual displays, display corporate information across stores, remotely control information that is tailored to shopper buying profiles, provide entertainment in public areas, integrate IP CCTV coverage into management suites

Education – content can be controlled to ensure it is suitable for an educational environment, on-demand access to study material can be available for teachers & pupils, effectively manage educational programming and material

Health – provide patient & visitor information, control the content that is broadcast to patients, display any relevant information by ward or throughout the healthcare unit, provide entertainment in public areas for visitors and patients

For more information about our IPTV Solutions, please contact us on 03300 554 218 or complete our online enquiry form.