Access Control


Access Control is a vital part of a security solution and is most commonly used to provide controlled entry and exit points to buildings. ACEDA deliver advanced IP Access Control solutions that are fully integrated into an IP network, allowing each client to have advanced control and automation over their system.

In addition to the traditional uses for Access Control, ACEDA’s Engineers work with clients to build intelligence into each system allowing clients to have greater functionality. This may include integrating other applications including time and attendance, event logging, cashless vending, visitor management and health & safety controls.

Biometric and proximity with verification readers can enhance the level of security for your access control requirements, this is the most secure level of access control. Biometric readers determine a person’s identity by detecting and matching the person’s physical features, such as fingerprints or eyes before allowing authorised entry.

ACEDA work with key manufacturers including CEM, PAC, Paxton and ACT. Our design team are at the forefront of innovation, offering clients tailored solutions that meet their requirements.

“Paxton are one of the UK’s leading Access Control providers and ACEDA are a Gold Registered Installer.”

Below is an anti-vandalism reader being tested for durability:

Key IP Access Control Services Include:

  • System Design, Commissioning, Installation & Support
  • Time & Attendance & Cashless Vending – using smart card technology
  • Controlled Access for Secure Areas
  • Health & Safety – heavy machinery can be activated by using an authorised smart card
  • Hands Free Technology for Disables Access
  • Biometric readers

For more information about our IP Access Control solutions, please contact us on 03300 554 218 or complete our online enquiry form.