ACEDA have strong core values that are mirrored across all divisions. Since 1991, ACEDA has developed as an organisation with integrity and outstanding quality standards. Our core values are represented in some form in every project and empower all employees to deliver a noteworthy service.

Our core values include:



Designing and delivering solutions safely to the latest industry standards takes ultimate precedence across all of our business activities. Our extensive Health & Safety policies and procedures form the backbone when evolving a concept or design. Engineers receive regular Safety training to ensure all work is completed safely and in full compliance with industry standards.


ACEDA monitor the quality control of goods and services throughout the solution from conception, through careful planning and monitoring, to the delivery and installation of the solution. All quality control procedures conform to the National Quality Assurance BS EN ISO9001:2015 standard. ACEDA used pre-defined criteria to evaluate all products including, compatibility, scalability, usability, functionality and value for money.


ACEDA are committed to continual improvement through constant review in order to deliver the highest levels of customer care in each division. We have a dedicated customer care team that ensure projects are managed correctly throughout the lifecycle. All client communication is coordinated and managed through our bespoke Customer Relationship Management system for continuity and traceability purposes.


ACEDA operate across a number of markets within the Commercial Sector. Our team of sector specific Project Managers are trained and qualified to evaluate, control, and deliver your project to industry SHEQ standards, on time and within budget. Our Project Managers adopt proven working practices to strategically plan and manage risk out of a project effectively.

As an organisation, ACEDA are a dependable partner who commits to achieving successful outcomes. We act as an extension to your organisation, taking the time to systematically evaluate your business drivers. We believe this allows us to provide you with the best solution for your business.

If you would like to meet our team and discuss our core capabilities further, please call 03300 554 218.