Manufacturing plants form the backbone of many local economies, ACEDA provide key integration services to a number of local and national manufacturing organisations. ACEDA incorporate intelligent technologies integration during the initial design phase to promote seamless automation throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Key clients within the manufacturing sector include Heineken, Tunstall Telecommunications, Mission Foods and Greggs.

Many manufacturing organisations are driven by process and procedure; we help our manufacturing clients to integrate technologies to increase efficiency, functionality, operability and productivity.

ACEDA work alongside clients to implement solutions across multiple sites around the UK or throughout large manufacturing plants or distribution centres. ACEDA have provided a resilient network infrastructure for SCADA industry control systems in a number of client’s sites.

Product selection is an important part of the design stage of projects for all manufacturing partners. Each product is evaluated and tested to determine it suitability within a manufacturing environment where it may be subject to dust, chemicals and other environmental impacts.

Key services include:

  • Intelligent IP technologies to increase automation & efficiency
  • Physical surveillance systems for health & safety
  • Integrated access control for increased efficiency across product lines
  • Wireless Flooding
  • Network Infrastructure including Copper and Fibre cabling across multiple sites
  • SCADA network infrastructures and fibre connectivity

For more information about our services within the manufacturing sector, please contact us on 03300 554 218 or complete our online enquiry form.