IT Infrastructure


ACEDA specialise in the design, delivery and support of integrated IP Networks to improve the efficiency and performance of business activities for organisations across many sectors. Each integrated solution is designed to operate over a core IP platform with an emphasis on maximising an organisations return on investment. ACEDA offer turnkey IP Networking services including design, consultancy, configuration and commissioning.

Aceda design solutions incorporating all elements of the IP Network, from the core and edge switches, through to routing and security devices, integrating fibre and copper cabling and providing wireless connectivity to network users. Building a resilient core infrastructure is essential to support future edge device integration.

“Over the past 25 years, we have formed strong partnerships with leading manufacturers to offer you the most cost effective solutions without compromising on quality.”

Each solution is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Client, ACEDA use technological innovation to enhance the efficiency, resiliency and scalability of each solution. Delivering Business Integration is our key business driver.

Key IP Networking services include:

  • Network Switching – ACEDA design, commission and deliver core and edge networking switching solutions that are scalable, reliable and cost effective
  • Wireless LAN – Providing turnkey Wireless LAN connectivity using heat map designs and integrating leading wireless technologies for uncompromised connectivity
  • Network Cabling – Turnkey network cabling infrastructures including copper, fibre and voice cabling in commercial market sectors
  • Routers & Firewalls – Resilient router & firewall solutions for network optimisation and security

One of our main aims is to help organisations like yours identify and streamline energy efficiency across the network infrastructure. Green technologies will reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation by making changes to equipment that is used on a daily basis.

For further information about our IP Networking Services, call 03300 554 218 or complete our online enquiry form.