Fire & Security

Using innovative IP Integration, ACEDA offer electronic Security Solutions that are controlled, managed and deployed through an IP Network. Clients can centrally manage Security Solutions by interrogating systems from any location around the world. Through advances in technology, ACEDA provide bespoke solutions that are designed to protect and prolong the lifecycle of your most critical equipment and business assets.

ACEDA specialise in IP Integration, each edge device is designed to seamlessly integrate across an IP Network, giving you maximum scalability, functionality and reliability.

“ACEDA are at the forefront of technology to provide you with the latest innovations that are future proof and scalable.”

Often organisations within the Commercial sector come under threat from vandalism, internal & external theft, unlawful insurance claims, terrorism and asset damage to name but a few. Protecting your organisation has never been more important.

IP Integration provides a platform for connectivity and intelligent interfacing of IP CCTV cameras, Access Control readers and software programs. Each device is designed to communicate with other devices and give you the ultimate functionality with your CCTV, Access Control, Lighting and if required, Heating, Alarm Systems and Air Conditioning Units. Integrated IP Security systems can be used for automation along production lines, employee time and attendance systems, quality checks and health & safety monitoring / control.

Key IP Physical Security Solutions include:

  • IP CCTV– Providing scalable IP CCTV solutions using Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity for high resolution images, increased functionality, systems integration and remote management facilities
  •  IP Access Control – Integrated IP Access Control systems designed to provide scalable, cost effective solutions for controlled entry and exit points, event logging, time and attendance, cashless vending and increased health & safety controls
  • Intruder Detection Systems – Integrated IDS systems from leading vendors incorporating full IP connectivity to your IP network.

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